Steve Pinkerton teaches and writes about twentieth-century literature. A Lecturer in English at Case Western Reserve University, he has also taught at Cornell University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Texas at Austin. 

His first book, Blasphemous Modernism: The 20th-Century Word Made Flesh (Oxford, 2017), shows how a shared commitment to blasphemy shaped the modernist imagination—from Ulysses to the Harlem Renaissance to The Satanic Verses.

His academic articles have appeared in Modernism/modernity, Studies in the Novel, the Journal of Modern Literature, the African American Review, and other peer-reviewed journals. He also writes occasionally for online publications, on topics such as modern blasphemy laws, gun-toting preachers, and “Seven Blasphemous Books of the 1920s.” He's working now on a book project about outlaw preachers and profane prophets in the modern American novel. 

Crucially, he excels at writing about himself in the third person.

Department of English

Case Western Reserve University

Guilford House, 11112 Bellflower Road 

Cleveland, OH 44106  

Steve Pinkerton

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